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Frequently Asked Questions

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Enjoying Your Tea


How do I store my tea?

  • Once purchased, place the tea in an airtight container, away from the moisture in a cool dark place away from the sun.
  • Try to keep the tea isolated from strong odours. This is not a necessity, just a simple recommendation. If the tea is stored correctly, it will stay fresh for up to 2 years.

Where can I find more information on your products?

Every product page on the website contains a wide range of information to support you on your health journey. On these you will find information on;

  • How the tea can assist with specific health problems
  • A list of ingredients in each blend
  • Expert advice from our TCM doctor on the health benefits of each tea blend
  • Links to blogs to explain more about TCM, specific symptoms you may be experiencing and how Your Tea can help.
We also have live-chat on the website 7 days per week - our customer service team love to help you find the right tea for you or provide assistance with your order. Our blog also has loads of great information - definitely worth exploring.

    What are the directions for consumption?

    All of our teas have unique instructions. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on the product pages of the website.

    How much caffeine is in Your Tea blends?

    Selected tea blends contain a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine from tea, however this shouldn't cause a "caffeinated effect" - like coffee for example.

    A list of the ingredients in our blends can be found on the product pages of the website.




    Checkout and Payments


    Problems with checkout?

    If you are having trouble at checkout please try the following before emailing us:

    • Change your browser or clear your cookies in the current browser
    • Make sure if you are checking out without using Paypal that you are not entering in an email address that is associated with a Paypal account. This causes a glitch in the checkout page and will result in an error.

    What cards do you accept?

    We use Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay or PayPal to facilitate our transactions.

    Please email us at if you have any issues with completing your purchase at our checkout.




    Changing Your Order


    I gave the wrong address when ordering - now what?

    In our checkout process you will have selected a disclaimer stating that the address you provided us was correct.

    If you have given us the incorrect address then we are unable to send out a replacement tea and you will need to purchase again if you wish to do so.

    In order to send our wonderful customers their parcels at the efficient rate we do, our dispatch system is extremely fast so it is impossible to recall packages and make address changes.

    If you've provided us the incorrect or old address, we suggest that you notify the occupant of the address you provided us with and hopefully they can help you retrieve your parcel.

    I ordered the wrong product - what can I do?

    If you have ordered the wrong product and it has been processed by our warehouse we are unable to change your order.

    However, we will do our best to help - so please either contact the customer service team on live chat or email and we will confirm the status of your order.




    Please see the Your Tea Shipping Policy



    Tracking Your Order

    You can track your order here



    Payment confirmation


    I haven’t received my payment confirmation email

    • Ensure that you're checking the correct email address.
    • The email address you used to purchase your tea with, is the email address all information will be sent to.
    • Check your spam/junk mail too as it may have been filtered into there. It's a good time to add to your list of safe senders and your address book to make sure the emails bypass your junk folder.
    • If you still can’t locate your email - please contact



    Refunds and Exchanges

    Please see the Your Tea Refund policy