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TCM honoured by your tea

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient practice making waves in the modern health era. Addressing mind, body and soul as one unit – TCM aims to connect the human with the being on multiple levels. Health shouldn’t be elusive, or inaccessible; a notion that this ancient practice adheres to.

Our products at Your Tea are merely a stepping-stone to this brilliant wellness modality – hence we are here to honour and discover the intricacies of revered Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In our Podcast, we discuss the Chinese Medicine approach and interpretation of health, what it means and how TCM endeavours to achieve it.  From Endometriosis to Digestion, Qi to Shen, PCOS to Menopause, eating to movement and mind to soul.

Podcast Hosts

Dr Rehna Lifshitz

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Curious about a TCM topic?

Tell us the wellness topics that have you intrigued or baffled and we will endeavor to have them discussed in our Podcast.

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