Wake Up and Go Again

32.00 €

Pour que vous puissiez vous lever du canapé et le refaire encore une fois.


Mes ingrédients sont traditionnellement utilisés pour:
  • Atténuer les maux de tête
  • Nettoyer le corps des toxines
  • Hydrater le corps
  • Aider le foie


Mes ingrédients sont traditionnellement utilisés pour:
  • Augmenter les niveaux d'énergie
  • Aider à maintenir l'énergie
  • Améliorer l'humeur
  • Booster la capacité du corps à brûler les graisses

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    Quels sont les avantages de boire Hangover Tea?

    According to Dr Nat TCM, Hangover Tea is a unique blend of Chinese Herbs specifically formulated to nurse you back to feeling fabulous. This blend has been created to encapsulate the benefits of treating both the root cause of a hangover as well as its horrible symptoms.

    The winning ingredient in the formulation is a herb called Pu Going Yin. It’s wildly loved for its ability to go work on the liver to cleanse, detoxify and help to flush out toxins via the urine. Because it also helps to cool the body it’s useful to treat headaches too.

    Contains: Ye Cha (oolong tea), Ge Gen (kudzu root), Yang Gan Ju (chamomile), Zhi (Tangerine Peel), Pu Gong Ying (dandelion), Ge Teng Hua (kudzu flower).

    Quels sont les avantages de boire Energy Tea?

    There are several essential elements in Energy Tea that allow it to revitalise your body. We'll let Dr Nat TCM explain.

    Straight up, ginseng, both the flowers and root are known as powerful energy boosters. But did you know that these busting beauties are actually ‘adaptogens’ meaning that they ‘adapt’ to exactly what your body needs? If things are a little on the low and sluggish, adaptogens get in there and shake things up. Also, if you’re firing on overdrive (in a not so good way) they help to calm things back down to the land of the living. This is great news for your hormones.

    Contains: Green Tea, Xi Yang Shen (american ginseng), Chen Pi (Tangerine Peel), Du Zhong (eucommia bark), Feng Wei Cao (herba Pteris), Ren Shen Hua (ginseng flower), Bo He (corn mint), Ning Meng (lemon), Xun Yi Cao (lavender).

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